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Working to help people grow!

You’ve heard it said around here that it is “Our mission to help people to

have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.” It is certainly what we’ve

been called to do in scripture…”Go therefore into all the world and  make


So, let me ask, are you helping someone to grow in Jesus, are you

discipling someone?

I’ve asked myself that question recently and I wasn’t too happy with the

answer I discovered. I want people to grow, I do things around here to

help provide opportunities for people to grow, but I cannot say I’ve

walked with someone and helped them to grow in Jesus.

So, what do I do from here?

1. First realize that it takes work

Helping someone grow in Jesus doesn’t just happen by osmosis or

overnight or even only by fervent prayer. Discipleship takes work.

It takes identifying someone (or multiple someones) and intentionally

scheduling time with them to help them to grow in their relationship with

Jesus. That’s no easy task. But it is a worthy one.

2. Sunday morning groups are a good place to start

We have some great groups that meet Sunday mornings and some great

group leaders (I think we have some of the best) and I would encourage

everyone to begin their own discipleship journey by getting into a

group. Spiritual growth happens best when you’re in Christ honoring

community with other believers and Sunday morning groups are a great

place to start.

If you are a Sunday group leader, you are already a disciple maker and I

hope you see it that way. But, you don’t have to be a Sunday morning

group leader to be a disciple maker and Sunday school isn’t the only

place where discipleship takes place. Discipleship could take place once

a week at a coffee shop. Discipleship could take place by you meeting

together with a small group once a month in someone’s home. Find one

or two people form your current Sunday morning group and ask them to

meet with you outside of Sunday school every so often. And read

scripture together and invite someone who isn’t in Sunday school to be a

part and try to get them plugged into a group at church and encourage

them to serve. Walk with them and help them to grow in Jesus.

Discipleship is no easy task, but it is a worthy one and it takes us

working to help people grow!

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