Praying the Word

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Praying is difficult.

One of the reasons is because we pray about the “same

old things about the same old things.” We eventually

lose interest or fall into the belief that praying the same

thing over and over again

demonstrates a lack of faith.

What ever the case, our

heavenly Father wants us

to pray. Is there another

way? Yes, it’s called praying

the Bible.

It has changed the way I pray! And others too. A little

book by Donald Whitney, Praying the Bible is one of

the most simple yet powerful

books I have read recently. If the

Word of God is His Will, then

shouldn’t we be praying His Word

over our lives, family, church, and


Let me encourage you during our

40 days of prayer, that you would

stop by a local bookstore and pick

up your own copy and begin

praying in a whole new way, today!

Jesus said, My house will be called a house of prayer for

the nations.

Pastor Rusty Womack

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