The Kingdom

Charting the Tides

Weather affects everything, even fishing.  In this parable, Jesus teaches us to be keenly aware of those around us.  This way, we may be able to welcome as many people into the Kingdom as possible.  Long before modern day GPS or sonar,  fishermen knew the power of the moon and its effect on fishing.  Listen…

Key Ingredient

The key ingredient is just that, key.  It’s what makes everything else, great!  It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about food, relationships or our personal lives.  We need the key ingredient.  In this parable, Jesus teaches us how the right ingredient affects the rest.  I’m glad you’re here, this message will help you greatly.

Below the Surface

“Out of sight, out of mind”, that maybe true with most of us, but not with God.  In this parable, Jesus teaches how He sees and meets our greatest needs.  God does His best work deep beneath the surface of our lives.  Today’s message will take you beneath the surface of your life and help…

Property Value

Property values are on the rise.  Why do property values fluctuate? Supply and demand, maybe? Value is attached to what someone is willing pay for something. Todays message will help you understand how valuable you are in The Kingdom.


“Unstoppable” is a message designed to help you realize that despite the obstacles one may be facing God has provided an unstoppable advantage for you.  And its the size of a mustard seed.