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“While the choir was singing this past Sunday God spoke to my heart and told me to open Joshua 1.  I felt the Holy Spirit directing me to read 7-9.  I felt the Lord speak to my heart concerning myself and our ministry together.  I feel the Lord told me we have rested long enough, the words, “move forward together.”  As I read this passage, I felt God telling me to lead Lost Mountain on the path of His strength, His courage, His Faithfulness, being obedient to Him, He will make our way successful and prosperous.

The Strategy came to my mind at once and I wrote it out in its entirety within 90 or so seconds on the back of a bulletin. The following day the numbers were added.”

“God has given me Hope!”

May Jesus get all the glory!

Pastor Rusty Womack

The Numbers

(Subject to change slightly)

LMBC Indebtedness as of 9/1/16 $ 3,643,673.38


Indebtedness per giving unit (255 units) = $ 14,288.92


Beginning 9/1/16 – End 12/31/20 

Breakdown per person

$      752.05 – Quarterly (19 Quarters)

$      274.79 – Monthly  (52 Months)

$        63.51 – Weekly  (225 Weeks)

$          9.03 – Daily (1,582 Days)

Be Strong Together   (Sept. – December 2016)   $ 272,319.93


Details to Come

Be Courageous Together  (January 2017 –December 2017) $ 839,658.08

Details to Come


Be Faithful Together     (January 2018 – December 2018) $ 848,312.78

Details to Come

Be Obedient Together    (January 2019 – December 2019) $ 857,481.14 

Details to Come

Be Prosperous Together    (January 2020 – December 2020) $ 837,172.69

Details to Come