Event Registration

To add any event to the church calendar, you must first register for the event.   The registration form is below, please read carefully the Facilities Usage Guidelines before you scroll to the bottom of the page to sill out the registration form.  Once submitted online, the form will be delivered to the facilities staff and brought to staff meeting for discussion and approval.  Someone from the facilities team will email you back to let you know the status of approval for the event.  Please understand that your event will not be placed on the church calendar until it has been approved and therefore no plans should be made until approval is granted.

Lost Mountain Baptist Church

Facility Usage Guidelines 



I.   Event Policy

Events that take place at Lost Mountain Baptist Church campus must  align with the mission of the church.  We should only consider events that help carry out our mission.  These events must be held by or sponsored by a Lost Mountain ministry.  Exceptions will be made at the discretion of the Facilities Director and/or the Lost Mountain Leadership Team.


NOTE:  Ministry sponsorship does not include financial support, only the coordination and oversight of the event.  Outside organizations may be asked to pay a rental fee to cover the costs of the event.


II.  Lost Mountain Ministry Event Proposals

Event requests must be submitted by a staff member via a Facilities Usage Request Form to the Director of Facilities.  The form should be completed and turned in at least 5 business days before the event date.  Each event must be held by or sponsored by the LMBC ministry requesting the event.  The requests must include all of the information needed to facilitate and support the event (contact name, setup instructions, resources being requested, production support needed, etc.).  The event will be added to LMBC calendar of events.


III. Outside Organization Requests

Most requests for facility usage, made from an outside organization, are made over the phone.  At that time the event policy should be communicated to the requestor.  If the event appears to align with the mission of the church, the requestor will be required to fill out a Facility Usage Form.  Once the form is completed, the requested event will be considered by the Church Staff.  The staff will then seek sponsorship from a LMBC ministry most relevant to the mission of the event.  In some cases, the LMBC Leadership Team may provide counsel to the staff on approval of an event.  The sponsoring ministry will act as a liaison between the two organizations (staff and requesting organization) and will provide a representative to attend the event.


The following event criteria may require Leadership Team approval:

  • The attendance will be over 100 persons.
  • The event occurs in the Worship Center or Loft
  • A rehearsal or a regular ministry event would be asked to cancel or relocate.
  • The event occurs after hours
  • More than one ministry area is affected by the event.
  • The event does not have sponsorship from a LMBC ministry
  • The mission of the event/organization is unclear or misaligned with LMBC.


IV. Fees

LMBC ministries may use the facility without a rental fee.  If an event is held by an outside organization, a fee schedule (to be determined) will be used to determine the charge.  Rates will be determined by the costs incurred by LMBC.  Rental fees are designed to cover those costs, and no profit is made.


Weddings may be held at LMBC for a set ceremony fee (to be reviewed and determined).  A refundable deposit will be required to hold the facility for the wedding date


V.  Bible Studies and Sunday School Socials

Bible Studies and class socials planned for times during the week other than our regular Sunday and Wednesday activities will be scheduled through the facilities director.  If refreshments or food will be required, it will be the responsibility of the person leading the class to provide these items or designate the person to be responsible.  Coffee makers and coffee are made available to anyone who so desires to have coffee.  Someone from the study or class will be responsible for making the coffeeIt is requested that the area used be left in the condition it was found when the study or social is over.


If use of the kitchen or any food preparation is needed, it will be scheduled and handled through Susan Jones.


To request an electronic form, fill out the form below.