Derrick and Brenda Cribb

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TOW SmallDerrick and Brenda Cribb are the Teammates of the Week! 

Derrick and Brenda serve with Purpose at Lost Mountain in Woodland Walk, our Children’s Ministry environment. They are  small group leaders and they invest in the lives of children all the time.  Derrick is also one of our deacons and he serves in various ways through the deacon ministry.  Both Brenda and Derrick sing in our choir.


When asked the question “why do you serve”, they said:

“We believe,  as Christians,  we are called to be active participants in spreading the gospel by following Jesus’ example of serving others in love.   It is our heart’s desire to be obedient to His call and we have been greatly blessed to have the privilege to serve alongside the many dedicated volunteers at Lost Mountain.”

They know what it’s all about:  Helping people to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ!  We’re so thankful Derrick and Brenda are on our team!

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